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In connection with spent work on realisation of the Law of the Russian Federation “about local government” and necessity of definition and fastening of borders of territorial formations for the Ingush society there was a fierce dispute. A main point for Ingushs this definition of our western borders and returning under jurisdiction RI of territories of the Western Ingushetia illegally kept by Ossetia and the cities of Ordzhonikidze. Despite pressure of the federal centre with the requirement not to lift a question on the Suburb, the management and NANOSECOND RI under the pressure of public opinion of inhabitants of Ingushetia among which there are also separate representatives of executive power and a part of deputies being valid, instead of imaginary patriots of Ingushetia, have been compelled to pay attention to this question and to search for comprehensible variants of the decision of a problem following from it. If you though have abilities to the analysis pay attention on a little: – In the Ingush mass-media already more than 2 weeks the most important theme and the sharpest are a question on borders with Ossetia. The question in the people is even more sharply discussed: – Any Russian mass-media has not mentioned any word about an explosive situation in Ingushetia and possible national protest actions, in a case not inclusions in the law of territories of the Western Ingushetia; – From tens references of the Ingush public, the remedial and noncommercial organisations to a management of Ingushetia and a management of the Russian Federation in the Russian mass-media it is not published any; the Question is deliberately ignored!At the same time: – about borders any Chechen human rights organisation has not had time to start talking to Ingushetia and the Russian mass-media as “the broken loose hungry dogs”, have amicably rushed to discuss and kindle this theme: – have not slowed down and were there and then connected and “the largest public organisations of the Chechen Republic”, called in the people by “pocket”: – Thus the Russian mass-media have dug out from archives all statements of the “Chechen” politicians under claims to borders with Ingushetia since “the Tsar of Peas”; It is assured that it is purposeful and sponsored provocation from outside Ossetias. There can be someone considers it as the spontaneous action? There can be someone considers it as casual interest of mass-media to kindling of the Checheno-Ingush opposition and casual oblivion of a thorny question of borders of Ingushetia and Ossetia? Once again I repeat that all it becomes purposefully. The Ingush party has already co-ordinated a question of borders with a management and parliament of the Chechen Republic. Scandal is lifted by provokers both with Chechen and from the Ingush party and is sponsored by ours “kind neighbours” from Ossetia.The unanimous legal requirement of the public of Ingushetia about inclusion of territories of the Western Ingushetia in preparing Law on local government, should disturb a management of Ossetia. Threat of necessity of consideration of keeping of territories of the Western Ingushetia has hung agrees laws in force, and it is direct threat of loss of illegally kept territories! In this connection it was necessary to expect splash in provocations in this question, a question of borders between fraternal people of the Chechen Republic and Ingushetia. It was easy to foresee that all is sponsored it заинтересованой by the party т.е – an Osset management what to provoke disputed moods in the Chechen Republic and Ingushetia and at least to lower a sharpness of a question on the Western Ingushetia. I think that “the sponsor’s help” is rendered not only to the Chechen provokers, but also the considerable part is received by the Ingush provokers. Customers of this provocation under “the wholesale” price executors as Chechens and Ingushs, garbage is in any nation.For failure of these plans we were followed by discussion of the Checheno-Ingush question in general stop and in this question to trust in our management. Here the federal centre not a special hindrance and our management itself in a condition it to solve. For today a main point – the WESTERN Ingushetia also it is not necessary to distract in general on other questions. It would be not necessary to be “seven spans in a forehead” what to count these elementary variants, but all of us “peck on …..”, thrown by our western neighbours. Today on it is the most popular theme which has pushed aside in a shade a question of our Western borders. We call all inhabitants of the Chechen Republic and Ingushetia, not to give in on provocation of a management of our western neighbours. They chuckle at us and rub hands, in expectation of our fight during which time forever to themselves our territories expect to assign. Besides, are quite predicted not only ideological provocations, but provocations with group fights between Chechens and Ingushs in Sunzhensky and Malgobeksky area and, probably, even with murders will be probably organised what even more to kindle opposition and to distract us from a main point – the WESTERN Ingushetia! Reflect, weigh the words and not be the weapon in hands of provokers. Remember that “the bullet kills one, and the word can kill the whole people!”

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